warmhoneyglow asked: UGH SEEING ALL THIS STUPID ELITIST STAR TREK SHIT OVER BEN IS DRIVING ME CRAZY. This movie isn't even NEAR release yet and I already feel like I can't go and watch the damn thing JUST BECAUSE I'm excited about seeing my favorite actor (GOD FUCKING FORBID). Jesus fucking christ. /agrees with you 5ever

Yeah I find it utterly stupid and petty, too. And I *am* a Star Trek fan of many years (used to watch the TOS movies and TNG as a kid and later watched most of everything else), but right now I’m also most excited about Ben because he’s my favourite actor at present. I already know the others, already fell in love with Pine’s Kirk, but I have not yet seen what Ben will be like in STAR TREK! 

I honestly don’t think it’s the majority of Star Trek fans that are such dicks. They’re just the loudest and most persistent here on tumblr.

So don’t let them ruin the fun for you. Whether you just see this movie and enjoy it because it’s very likely going to be awesome, or whether you get an appetite for all things Star Trek after that and dive into the universe to discover it all - it’s all fine. Not everybody can like the same things. Not everybody HAS to like the same things. 

As for your second ask and excusing the character. “Also, both Ben and JJ have said that if the character doesn’t make you cry, then they’ve done it wrong. MEANING that he’s gonna have a complicated back-story that makes you feel bad for him despite all the shit he’s gonna wreck.” 

That’s what good villains are. Good villains aren’t purely evil (pure evil doesn’t exist in any human anyway), and the most interesting ones are those that went down a wrong path at some point while they could have been and done good. Forgiving them or feeling sorry for them doesn’t equal condoning all they’ve done. 

Like I said, I think some fans do take that a bit too far, but I suppose it’s more because they cannot grasp the concept of evil (deeds) (yet) than because they agree with them. It sometimes annoys me a bit, too, when I see people go “aww my poor baby” about Loki without pointing out how much he messed up. BUT… that’s a topic one can either discuss in a civilised manner or just let go. Berating and belittling other fans is - and I’m starting to sound like a broken record here but I don’t care - just wrong, rude and unnecessary. 

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